Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hippoty Hoppity - Chocolate chocolate chocolate.

Easter Greetings my fellow travelers of cyberspace.
I had a wonderful Easter post planned, full of great recipies, fun things to make, amazing gift ideas and all sorts of chocolate induced bliss.
HOWEVER, my laptop has other ideas. So i'm very sorry but until my laptop is happy again [i'm going to call our wonderful computer guy and watch him work is magic] there will be a delay in posts.
But i am mentaly sprinkling glitter everywhere.

Here are a couple of my fave Easter pics that i was able to post - ENJOY...

pic from pinterest.
How cute are these ? roll donut holes in icing sugar - decorate plastic bags and wala...
pic from pinterest.
Such a simple yet effective idea to Glitter up your Easter desert table..

pic from pinterest.
Yep, you're purdee cute..
pic from pinterest.

 And the award for the cutest bunny goes toooooo...

pic from pinterest.
 I do think this table arrangement is tre cute...

pic from pinterest via martha stewart.
 Ahhhh, such cuteness. Who said chocolate at Easter has to be in egg form ? how gorgeous are these pastel chocolate flowers from Torie Jayne ?
pic from Torie Jayne.
 I'm so inlove with this little guy.

pic from pinterest.
 Just another reason why Torie Jayne is 1 of my alltime fave blogs.

pic from pinterest via Torie Jayne.
May your Easter be everything you wish for.
Untill next time.
Kisses Of Glitter

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