Monday, 7 January 2013

this blogging isn't as easy as i thought..

Hello ? Hello ? is anyone out there ?
I'm feeling quite cyber challenged... i'm having alittle trouble getting my blog arranged the way i want it. So bare with me, laugh at my lack of google/g-mail knowledge if you must but i promise i'll get there.

I've already decided i'm going to enjoy this experience and my head has been spinning with ideas for posts. [this might explain why i'm having trouble setting up said blog] [who am i kidding,i'm just cyber clueless]
Anyhoo, moving on. It's a very hot day here in Melbourne today which is being made that much hotter by True Blood re-runs. OHHHH Eric, thou art a great add for the undead. I can promise much discussion about Eric in posts to come.

A special thankyou to my buddy Belinda for posting my first comment. There was alittle squeal of excitement when i checked Kisses of Glitter today.
I have decided that once i figure out how to get the 'followers' thingy up and running that  -

The first 5 people to sigh up as official followers to Kisses of Glitter will recieve a special little gift. [glittery of course]

I'm off to try and learn more about blogging so you all enjoy your day.
Kisses of Glitter


  1. Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiii, you did it! yaaaaaay!!! Keep it up and I can't wait to see what you have in store, love you! <3

    1. can you believe it girl ? i'm feeling quite proud of myself.
      thankyou so much for all your encouragement and support.

  2. Hey Tan, very clever hey, I knew you had it in you to be a great blogger. Keep it up lovely.

    1. thankyou Sugar...
      i'm getting the hang of it [i think]
      i've got so many ideas for posts and 12 followers so far - LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME...
      i'm so excited.
      all is glittery in my little part of cyberspace.