Sunday, 6 January 2013

my brave leap into cyberspace.

A Glittery Welcome to you.
Thankyou for taking a few moments to check out my little glittery part of cyberspace. This is my first attempt at blogging and to be honest i'm a tad nervous. I think i'd rather be attempting to bake macarons...
Why Blog ? i hear me ask myself, well i find some fab things online,i'm a savy internet shopper and i lurve to share said finds with my facebook buddies.I have recieved alot of requests from my facebook buddies to blog and have put it off for far too long [procrastination be thy middle name]
so here i am, In All My Glittery Glory.
About Me - i'm a Melbourne girl, I'm a very happily married little poppett and we are proud parents of an extremely handsome furbaby.
I love pretty things, cooking, reading, horror movies, shoes, bags, glitter, baubles, kewpie dolls, hearts, stationary, the sound of my hubby laughing, my uncles joke telling skills, family traditions, hearing how couples met, hand written notes, Nigella, lazy Sundays, cupcakes, Angels, vampires, ghost stories, The Wizard of Oz, you tube, Guns'n'Roses, spending, macarons, Dita, the purfect cuppachino, squeezing a great pimple, hanging out with my besties, the smell of babies, Shakespeare, heavy metal, Pavaroti, Bing Crosby, gingerbreadmen and laughing so hard your eyes leak.
Anyhoo - this blog will be a cross section of goodies.
I do hope you are entertained, inspired, amused and of course glittered.
Gittered Kisses


  1. Replies
    1. AWWW thankyou poppett, we are officialy underway. thankyou for your encouragement.

  2. You've captured my heart, o shimmery, radiant, glittery one!
    I am so thrilled that you have taken this path, your joyous voice absolutely must be shared because it spreads pure Happy-ness, and the World Needs More Happy (and more beautiful Taneiths!)

    Sending big, bright, sparkly Whoa Mamma love & kisses your way,

    Love Jess xxxxx

    1. awwww - you've left me speechless poppett.
      i say a very big 'THANKYOU SWEETHEART'..

      such kind words have made me sparkle alittle brighter.
      i have a big Whoa Mamma induced smile on my face.