Friday, 25 January 2013

Cyber Find Friday - A Day Late [sorry my bad]

A glittery hello on this Australia Day Everyone.

Part of the reason i decided to blog was to share the groovey cyber treats i come across with those who might find them interesting. Then i realised that rather than have multiple posts every day, i would just save them up and put them all into a single post. Hence Cyber Find Friday was born. 

i will include in these posts a range of different things that will hopefully interest everyone. i'm going for the ' something for everyone ' approach. so with this in mind - away we go.......

Something for the tastebuds -

i have added the link above so you can grab the recipie, i think these little cookies are adorable and are an activity you could easily include your children in.

Another little yummie treat from 1 of my fave blogs, Torie Jayne

Strawberry truffles
Strawberry Truffles = happy little taste buds. here's the link my glittery friends.

Another delightful find also comes from Torie Jayne. I am totaly inlove with these clear mini drawers. they have been used here as a great way to store craft supplies but i want them for make up and jewellery.
Washi tape storage

 i have been searching for them for along time but they are i think extremely overpriced. so when i found them on Tories blog - here is the link

clear boxes from Muji

i just about squealed as the price point is amazing. however as i proceded with my order, to my horror THEY DON'T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA - insert sulking woman here. and so my search continues.

Torie offers some great storage options for you crafty folk out there so i've included the link below.

And for your viewing pleasure-

i have been wanting to watch Hotel Transylvania for awhile now. [i will freely admit to indulging my inner child with a great kids movie now and again] i am pleased to report this great film didn't disapoint.
we meet Dracula as an over protective and doting parent who goes to extreme lengths to protect his daughter from the terrible humans. he constructs his hotel as a means of not only keeing his daughter safe but also providing all monsters with a human free zone to relax and holiday in. all goes to plan until his daughters 118th birthday when a human stumbles into the lobby.
the movie has alittle of everything. there are some very funny scenes and some very touching ones. it has a wonderful star studded cast and is well worth a look see.
Hotel Transylvania Poster

click here to watch the youtube trailer - it's worth it ...

well my glittery friends
i've taken up enough of your time but hopefuly sprinkled some glitter along the way..

Kisses of Glitter
to all my Aussie followers here and abroad Happy Australia Day.

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