Wednesday, 16 January 2013

'And so that was Christmas for another year.....'

This post is tinged with sadness as we pack up Christmas here at Glitter HQ. I'm quite in favour of Christmas being a monthly celebration. Like macarons and of course glitter, you can never have too much Christmas.
Unfortunately Mr Glitter does not agree and i finaly had to give in and pack up my Christmas goodies. On Boxing day came the first, '' so we can pack it all up now ? ''. This comment was justifiably ignored. Since then, there have been untold sighs, raised eyebrows and pleas.

Is there anything sadder than a post Christmas naked tree ?

Perhaps sadder still is the sight of some of my Christmas goodies waiting to go back into their boxes.

My canine bestie decided to bring out a selection of his Christmas pressies, i suspect in protest of my packing up of Christmas..
Fab product alert...

I am a huge fan of Christmas Baubles and will confess to having a reasonable little collection, anyhoo i just about kissed my laptop when on my cyber travels i cam across this little marvel from Pinklily.
Yes that's right my lovelies - tis a bauble storage box.
Simply follow the very easy assembly instructions as your box arrives flatpacked, here she is showing the bottom layer all ready for said bauble collection.
And here she is with the second layer in. The size of the compartments are ajustable. And quite frankly i'm inlurve. I've ordered 2 more, to be used as general storage boxes.
I am a fan of Pinklily. Super great products, packaging and very quick service.
Here is the link for the boxes [ grab them while they are on sale ]
How do you feel about packing away Christmas for another year ? What delaying tactics do you use ?
Do you have any family traditions, i'd love to hear them.

Until next time
Kisses of Glitter


  1. oh that's sweet! the boxes, not the naked tree ;) I am still keeping mine ;)hehehe :D

    1. keep that tree up i say sister.
      your color theme this year was amazing.

  2. I still have my tree up, I will take it down at the end of Jan. It is just too pretty and I like the way it lights up the lounge room. I once left it up until March as it was the year that I had my first transplant so I was in hospital for all of Christmas and New Year. So I just pretended it was Christmas when I got home at the end of January :) It's a sad feeling when you pack it all away as you know there's another year gone, they just go way too quickly now. Loving your christmas bauble storage! I may have to invest in some! xox

    1. the bauble boxes are incredible, my other 2 arrived today. i've decided to leave our lights around the bookcase up - you're right they give off a magical glow. you keep that tree up for as long as you want to poppett.
      your strength inspires me more than you know.

  3. Oh, I'm in love with Christmas! It makes me feel like a little girl!
    I am saddened by a naed Xmas tree too. But how fab are those boxes?
    What a find! I must track some down for Casa de Whoa Mamma.

    Thank you for sharing, o fabulously Glittered One! xxxxx

    1. you have no idea how much it means to me to have you as a follower of my little blog.
      quite frankly my dear you are the queen of funny blogs. you have had tears streaming down my face many times.